It is our hope that this website will serve as a useful resource for all animal health professionals and horse owners.  It
was developed by veterinarians as a tool to educate veterinary students and practitioners in the United States about equine welfare issues and related ethical questions. Veterinarians, like medical doctors, are bound by ethical principles to ensure the welfare of their patients above all else.  Treatment decisions should not be made based on matters of convenience or financial gain, but on the welfare of the horse. 

The purpose of this website is to educate other veterinarians, animal health professionals and horse owners about the options available for day to day proper treatment of horses and to provide humane information and options to those who can no longer care for (or must end the lives of) their horses.
In our capacity as veterinarians, we feel that it is our duty to offer horse owners the necessary educational materials, guidance and resources to ensure that horses are treated with respect and compassion in each life stage. We believe that these animals should receive humane care throughout their entire lives, from beginning to end.