Horse Slaughter vs. Humane Euthanasia

It is the united opinion of VEW professionals that horse slaughter is inhumane, and that it is an unacceptable way to end a horse's life under any circumstance. We believe that it is an unethical and dangerous practice for the AVMA and AAEP to attempt to equate horse slaughter with humane euthanasia.

Below are two sets of videos.  The first depicts the use of a captive bolt gun in a horse slaughter facility to kill a horse.  The second depicts the humane euthanasia of a horse by trained veterinarians.  The second video shows the preferred method of euthanasia promoted by all organizations and taught in veterinary medical schools.

Horse Slaughter Video

Horse Slaughter
Clip 1
Horse Slaughter Clip 2
Horse Slaughter Clip 3
Horse Slaughter Clip 4
Horse Slaughter Clip 5
Horse Slaughter Clip 6
Horse Slaughter Clip 7
Horse Slaughter Clip 8
Horse Slaughter Clip 9
Horse Slaughter Clip 10
Horse Slaughter Clip 11

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Horse slaughter footage provided by the Humane Farming Association

Humane Euthanasia Video

Humane Euthanasia
Clip 1
Humane Euthanasia Clip 2
Humane Euthanasia Clip 3
Humane Euthanasia Clip 4
Humane Euthanasia Clip 5
Humane Euthanasia Clip 6

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Humane euthanasia footage provided by Judy Marteniuk, DVM, who was a co-producer of the film. Dr. Marteniuk is a faculty member at Michigan State University's College of Veterinary Medicine, where she specializes in Equine Medicine in the Department of Large Animal Clinical sciences.